Our children always fall asleep!

Wow! We have The little rabbit who wants to fall asleep, our 7 year old and 5 year old always fall asleep to it! Tonight at bed time following a few unsettled night they fell asleep and I got woken up by the husband when he finished reading…. Must work on adults too!

A tiny treasure in our hands

A feeling of me is truly beautiful. I got very emotional reading it feeling my heart smiling. My daughter is 5 months old now. Every day is new, a new adventure discovering the world. She is so full of emotions and sensations. I am very happy to be with her, because it reminds me of being mindful. For me the book is a beautiful companion, both for the children and the parents and people around them, reminding us of these little sensations that anchor you in the present moment. These little details in the drawings are full of tenderness, hearts, colours… a tiny treasure in our hands. Thank you from the heart.

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